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“Love and War in Sarajevo” photos by Alen Simic

Show Date
Feb 7 – March 30

Show Description
“Love and War in Sarajevo” tells the story of a city and a people who have endured the horrors and tragedy of genocide, the death of a nation and decades-long economic stagnation, and who in spite of these great obstacles have found ways to survive. Reminders of the past continue to haunt the minds of survivors, and yet despite their overwhelming losses we find an optimistic population and a city that continues to be, as it has been before, a cosmopolitan cultural capital and, above all, a place where love surmounts the demons of the past.

224 N College Ave

Bloomington/Monroe County Convention Center Art Gallery

302 S. College Ave.

Gallery Walk Grand Opening Reception featuring “Water Meditations”, oil paintings by local artist Dawn Adams.

Exhibit opens in the Ralph Rogers Room on Friday, February 7th, 5 PM–8 PM; on display throughMarch 3rd.

The Convention Center will provide free parking and free shuttle downtown for February Gallery Walk. Learn more at or 812-336-3681

By Hand Gallery

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‘It’s All Practice’ – A commemorative exhibit to celebrate the work of potter, Jim Kemp Sept. 25, 1955 – Nov. 30, 2013.

Show Date
February 7th-March 1st

Show Description
Jim Kemp was a professional studio potter for more than 32 years. Over the span of his career, he created ceramic art within a variety of clay media. Recent works have centered on colorful wall platters, decorative lidded boxes and teapots. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and his work can be found in many public and private collections.

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Transformations In Art
James B. Campbell
02.07.14 – 03.28.14
James’ approach to art is organic and conceptual, inviting viewers to get intimately involved with the visual experience. His wall sculptures define a contradictory world full of hopes, dreams, foibles, history, passion and joy, as affirming and exciting as knowing that the next brush stroke will be a distinct singular expression. The curvilinear shapes of these pieces activate their surroundings, becoming a part of it, freeing our walls and our minds, inviting a re-examination of our habits of perception.
North side of the Square, inside the Wick’s Building
116 W. 6th St., Ste. 110
Bloomington IN 47404


Artist: Ben Pines
Show Title: “Portraits”
02.07.14 – 03.28.14
Ben Pines explores an inner life of thought and feeling in his meditative paintings and drawings. His work includes portrait, landscape, and figure paintings in oil and acrylic, and drawings in charcoal, pastel, and pencil.


Opening Friday, February 7, 5-8 pm

Martin Beach: The Lithomorphs Strike Back

“Sprint”—granite & limestone; “Pavilion”—Morton gneiss & limestone.

James Hubbard: Etchings & Linocuts, 2009-2013

“Night Skier”—etching; “Buddha’s Dream: A Free Tibet”, detail—etching; “Cache la Poudre”, detail—etching.

Leah Miller-Freeman: Acted Upon, Acting Upon

“Stuck”, detail; “By Way of Rigamarole”, detail; “Push Me/Pull Me”, detail—oil on linen.

Anthony Meyer:

A Classification Problem Wherein the Categories Are Hues

“Midnight at Kirkwood & Indiana”, detail; “War Hero”, detail; “An Evening in Late Spring”, detail—watercolor & ink.

Shows run February 7-March 1

Mon-Fri 9-7. Sat 9-5. Open later during theatre performances.

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

122 S Walnut St

Bloomington, IN 47404


Pictura Gallery

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Brandon Thibodeaux: When Morning Comes

Show Date
February 7 – March 28th

Show Description
Statement: When Morning Comes is a reflection of life in the Mississippi
Delta. I first traveled to the region in the summer of 2009 because I
needed to breathe after my own troubled times. I was in search of
something stronger than myself and attended its churches not to
photograph but to cry and be redeemed and to just be a part of the place.

I was there to listen as I prayed for a revelation.
Over the past three years I have witnessed signs of strength against
struggle, humility amidst pride, and a promise for deliverance in the lives
that I’ve come to know here. This is a land stigmatized by poverty
beneath a long shadow of racism. I do not wish to overlook this fact but
rather look between it for evidence of the tender and yet unwavering
human spirit that resides within its fabric.

I photograph in five communities that span roughly 15 square miles of
the northern Mississippi Delta. Villages with names like Alligator, and Bo
Bo, as well as the country’s oldest completely African American city,
Mound Bayou, where in 1910, a New York Times headline once declared,
“no white man can own a square foot of land.”

In what began as a journey for personal exploration is found a narrative
of another man’s faith, identity, and perseverance. I see the strength of a
single man while acknowledging the machine that replaced thousands,
the flight of childhood innocence grounded by the scar of life hard lived,
a living room altar to a symbolic president and a toppled white king in a
conquered game of chess.

While this work makes specific reference to the rural black experience, I
am reminded with every visit that these themes of faith, identity, and
perseverance are common to us all. These are the traits of strong men.
And maybe that is the lesson I was looking for all along.

Royale Hair Parlor

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Keith Romaine

Show Date
January 20th – March 29th

Show Description
Artist’s Statement:

I think that beauty relates to combinations of qualities that give delight to the senses, which appeal to the intellect or emotions. Art refers to an intentional arrangement of colors, forms, or other qualities in a manner that gives one a sense of vitality, gives delight to the senses, or that appeals to the intellect or emotions

The goal of my art and banners is to celebrate being alive with color and movement bringing us closer to each other and the natural world. I love homemade masks and costumes, flags, giant puppets, and inventive musical instruments; art that is active, moving and vital. My goal is to bring together madness, masking, gender crossing, deviance, fecundity, sexuality and play within a sacred space that is governed by the fool.

I have been making banners and other art professionally since 1973, when I started as a street artist in San Francisco. Since then I have created and sold over 17,000 banners. I received a Masters in Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art and I worked toward a PhD in African Art History at Indiana University. My dissertation topic is “How Art Can Make Cities and Neighborhoods More Alive and Vital?”

Image included:
2010, linen, dye and colored pencil

The Venue Fine Art & Gifts

Show Title: From Ballet to Basketball, Impression of Life by Susie Gregory

The Venue is pleased to feature and exhibition of Impressionist oil paintings by Susie Gregory. Susie’s work highlights Midwest past times such as Hoosier Basketball, life on the lake, and more.

114 S. Grant

11am-8pm Tues-Sat, Noon-5 Sunday


Gabriel or David Colman


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