In addition to our July exhibits, this month there will be multiple workshops at Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, showcasing Annie Young.


Annie Young:  Forward Positive

Blind artist Annie Young shows paintings that incorporate touch and texture, as well as form and color.

Fri, July 5, 5-8 pm:  Hands-on activities for all visitors to try making art without being able to see it.

Sat, July 27, 1-2 pm:  Forward Positive:  Gallery Talk and “Touch Tour” by Annie Young

Sat, July 27, 1-4 pm:  Inspired Touch:  Hands-On Clay Workshop for the Visually Impaired and their Allies



“Sweet Honey”; “Faith”, detail; “Confetti Susan”—acrylic paint, textured mediums, and collage.


All events are FREE and made possible by generous support from the following sponsors:

The City’s Council on Community Accessibility, Indiana Arts Commission, Ivy Tech Bloomington,  and WonderLab.


Katie Vernon:  Flora + Fauna

Bloomington artist Katie Vernon illustrates for Ikea, The Land of Nod, Chronicle Books and other clients.


“Fox”; “Lotus Wreath”; “Fall Flowers”—watercolor, ink and collage.


Robert Mirek:  Strands

Mirek based these sculptures on the primal organic molecular forms revealed by electron microscopes.


“Strands”, pieces in the series—pumice acrylic, glass and epoxy resin.


Joyce K. Jensen:  The Color of Light—Watercolors by Joyce K. Jensen

Jensen’s vivid colors and brilliant reflections create a sparkling world full of highlights and reflections.


“Marbles”; “Basket of Ornaments”, detail; “Tomato on Red and Gold”, detail—watercolor.


Proud to be partnering with Oliver Winery

at every opening reception.


Shows run July 5-27

Mon-Fri 9-7.  Sat 9-5.  Open later during theatre performances.

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

122 S Walnut St

Bloomington, IN 47404



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