Located inside Fountain Square Mall, By Hand Gallery is a 33-year-young fine crafts cooperative showing the work of local, regional and national artists. They feature jewelry, pottery, knitting, weaving, wood, glass, photography, paintings and more.

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‘Doing the Dance’: Woodcut prints by Dale Enochs

Sets of four woodcuts that when displayed together make a single composition or tetraptych. One tetraptych, ‘Tantric Sideshow’ is based on a visit to Bhutan and is a reference to the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. A second tetraptych ‘21st Century Dance Cards’ is inspired by the Gulf Coast oil spill and also by environmental and war issues.

‘Walk the Walk, Art Lives’: Paper Art Quilts by Mary Hambly

The art of Mary Hambly, founding member of the committee that started Gallery Walk, is honored with this exhibit of her work. The Paper Art Quilt is a joining of contemporary art and traditional craft, a blending of individual elements in such a way that the joining allows for a richer and more meaningful whole blending individual elements in such a way that the joining allows for a richer and more meaningful whole. In the creative process stenciled, marbled, printed, and over dyed papers are cut, pieced, and then stitched using a zig zag sewing machine. The resulting “quilt blocks” are then laid out in a composition, sometimes born out of the repeating pattern concept of traditional quilting, sometimes not. The “quilt” is then completed with a border, also of paper, and the result is a one of a kind image.  .

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[scbutton link=”http://gallerywalkbloomington.com/event/details/doing-the-dance-woodcut-prints-by-dale-enochs-and-walk-the-walk-art-lives-paper-art-quilts-by-mary-hambly/”  variation=”light_orange” size=”small” align=”none”]Exhibiting: May 28th – July 25th[/scbutton]


101 W Kirkwood Ave

#109 Fountain Square Mall

[812] 334-3255



Mon–Sat 10–5:30

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