Blueline Gallery is a group of artists who maintain and work in a gallery space in the lively downtown area of Bloomington, IN. Showcasing local exhibits for all artists amongst the community.

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Indiana University’s graduate painting students present: Disjointed Realities

In this age of image and information saturation, the depth and value of experience is often exchanged for a one-­dimensional existence. There is a premium set on how many connections a person possesses, and on visibility, but not necessarily on substance. This imbalance begs the question of whether the connections we make between ourselves and our surrounding world are meaningful, or are just replacements for what is truly genuine. The immediacy and abundance of information causes images and attitudes to converge in unexpected ways, and leads to a reality filled with connections that are often flawed and disjointed.

The Indiana University MFA Painting candidates are interested in exploring the gaps in relationships, comprehension, and experiences that  are a result of these disjointed realities.  Ours is a world perceived in fragments. It can lead to mistrust or apprehension, but it can also lead to humor and fulfillment, and occasionally to sublime inspiration.



Greg Watson
Joseph Kameen
Corey Lamb
Tyler Wilkinson
Sul-Jee Scully
Anna Buckner
Madeline Winter
Ekatarina Vanovskaya
Caleb Knodell
Greg Burak
Jordan Kornreich
Taylor Leaman
Kaitlin Dodds
Lindsay Hall
Autumn Bussen

[scbutton link=””  variation=”light_orange” size=”small” align=”none”]Opening Reception: February 6 from 5-8:30pm[/scbutton]

[scbutton link=””  variation=”light_orange” size=”small” align=”none”]Exhibiting: February 6th – February 27st // Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm.[/scbutton]


  • February 6 – February 27
  • Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm.


212 W 4th Street

[812] 589-7377

Mon–Fri 10–5

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